Brake Adjuster

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Brake Shoe Adjuster

The Electric Brake shoe adjuster is essential to regulate brake shoe wear and tear.

The brake adjuster is factory set to 13 clicks from fully closed for regular operation.

Locate the shoe adjuster at the bottom of the electric backing plate. A black plastic dust grommet covers the adjuster.

Adjustment procedure

  1. Use an automotive brake adjuster tool or screwdriver to adjust brakes.
  2. Remove the dust cap grommet.
  3. Adjust the shoes until the drum rotation is locked.
  4. Then re-adjust 13 clicks until the drum is unlocked.
  5. Spin the wheel 1/2 to one turn.
  6. If you suspect the scraping noise is a result of a tight adjustment, release the adjuster 1 click.
  7. A scraping noise will be the magnet face touching the drum face.

Finally, one click is a substantial move in adjusting or releasing brake shoes.