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Smart Connect Bluetooth Sensors BMPRO

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  • Compact, lightweight, tough, water and dust resistant
  • Suits most portable domestic gas bottles
  • Easy DIY installation with extra strong magnets
  • Communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth
  • Part of SmartConnect range
  • Free SmartSense app via Google Play and iTunes App Store
  • Compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster


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Smart Connect Bluetooth Sensors

SmartConnect is a range of Bluetooth sensors which can be paired to most BMPRO Smart RV Systems to monitor a variety of features, functions and equipment including temperatures, tyre pressures, LPG levels and more.

Can be integrated with BMPRO Smart RV control and monitoring systems, such as JHub, Odyssey, RVMaster and JAYCOMMAND (2020 models onwards) allowing the use of a single app to provide the RV user with time and relevant information of the status of critical functions of the RV.

  • Understand your remaining LPG Propane Gas levels with the SmartSense devices which simply attach via magnet to the underside base of the gas bottles and provide accurate readings on whether there is sufficient gas for the next trip, BBQ or outside the kitchen.  Take away the guesswork!
  • Want to understand if your fridge is staying sufficiently cold in the hot weather without opening it every 5 minutes – install a SmartTemp device inside the fridge and know when to next reach for a cold drink.
  • Critical to the safe towing of an RV is ensuring the pressure of the tyres is even across all tyres, suitable to the load being carried and no slow leaks which can lead to a puncture whilst driving. Install the SmartPressure TPMS devices onto the RVs tyres (come with anti-theft locking nuts) to enjoy worrying free travels.

The Bluetooth sensors can be installed when purchasing the RV from the manufacturer or dealer; alternatively, it is a quick and easy DIY installation.

SmartConnect brings a new level of RV integration to owners and is available on 2020 models from most major brands.

Smart Connect Bluetooth Sensors

  1. SmartTemp – measures temperature in a range of locations throughout the van
  2. SmartSense – provides an accurate reading of remaining LPG Propane Gas level in the bottle
  3. SmartPressure – maintains accurate recordings of tyre pressure and internal temperature
  4. DIY installation in minutes
  5. Measure temperature, tyre pressure, LPG gas bottle level
  6. All sensors include compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster

Note: Smart Temp and Smart Pressure do not connect directly to mobile phone devices.

Caravan Tyre Pressure Monitor

caravan tyre pressure monitorCaravan Tyre Pressure Monitor tyres in your caravan. Underinflated tyres increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption and affect tyre wear, while slow leaks could cause a caravan roll-over.

To stay safe on the road, monitor temperature and pressure in your RV tyres with TPMS SmartPressure.

Bluetooth tyre pressure monitoring sensors SmartPressure is a part of the SmartConnect range used to monitor the status of the tyres of your RV.

Use the provided tool kit to mount the sensors on the tyres and pair them with your BMPRO Smart RV system (such as JHub, Odyssey, RVMaster, JAYCOMMAND) for monitoring.

SmartPressure requires ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink103 (for Odyssey users).

smart temperatureCaravan Internal Temperature

Bluetooth temperature sensor SmartTemp is a part of the SmartConnect range, used to monitor temperatures in a range of locations throughout your RV.

Place it in the fridge, freezer, or any internal area of your van, and use BMPRO Smart RV system (such as JHub, Odyssey, RVMaster, JAYCOMMAND) to monitor temperatures in up to four locations simultaneously.

SmartTemp requires ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink103 (for Odyssey users).

Key Features

  • Measures internal temperature in a range of locations throughout the caravan
  • DIY installation in minutes
  • Monitor up to 4 sensors with a single app
  • Part of SmartConnect range
  • Compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHub, Odyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster

LPG Gas Monitor Smartsense Bluetooth®

The last item in the Smart Connect Bluetooth Sensors range is the gas gauge monitor that takes the guesswork out of “how much gas in the LPG gas bottle”.

The most advanced and accurate gas bottle monitor arrived for Australian BBQ lovers and RVers.

Editor Note: “I purchased one of these Gas Gauge Monitors and installed it under my BBQ. I was running out of LPG 1/2 way through a cook, but not any more. It is just like a fuel gauge”.

How can I recharge SmartSense?

The Bluetooth sensor has a standard non-rechargeable 3V round battery pack CR2032. The app is easily downloaded and works on all devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 + Low Energy (BLE).

SmartSense is an advanced, small monitor (approximately the size of a business card).

  • Smartsense attaches to the underside base of a gas cylinder with two strong magnets.
  • It detects the gas level remaining in the bottle and sends information via Bluetooth® to a smartphone.
  • The free downloadable SmartSense app is available in Android Devices and IOS.

The app includes alarm notifications to inform the user the gas level detected, is below the settable threshold.

Multiple Gas Bottles

smartsenseThe SmartSense app allows monitoring of numerous gas bottles from one phone.

Smartsense works with the standard domestic portable gas bottles and provides options to select from 3.7 kg or 8.5 kg cylinders. Further, input bottle height to manually input bottle size.

Users configure settings individually for each monitored cylinder, including naming the cylinder, alarms and unit of measurement to be displayed as percentage or centimetres.

Caravanners are running BBQs, stoves, or fridges on gas; café owners using outdoor gas heaters; BBQ lovers and everybody else using liquified gas will find this app to be highly useful and convenient.

Smartsense takes the guesswork out of understanding how much gas is remaining. Never run out of gas again.

Purchase caravan gas bottle holders here

Finally, this gas bottle gauge monitor makes an excellent Christmas present for a caravanner who has everything.

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