Sway Controller

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Sway Controller

A Sway Controller is a safety device that automatically stabilises the sway of a trailer or caravan, keeping you in control.

A huge gust of wind, displaced airflow from a passing semi-trailer, or a sudden swerve causes trailers and caravans to sway dangerously, possibly resulting in loss of control of both the tow vehicle and trailer.

How a Sway Control Works

  • Continuously monitors trailer yaw – side-to-side movement left and right of the tow vehicle.
  • Powerful, rapid, computer processing capability captures the critical elements that affect sway conditions, then uses the information to sense how the sway will proceed without driver intervention.
  • Uses the data collected in the event of sway to apply the brakes on the correct side of the trailer, left or right-hand side.
  • In a timely manner and with the proper braking level required based on sway conditions.
  • Works independently of the tow vehicle to dampen the trailer sway, quickly bringing the trailer under control.

Popular brands of sway control are