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U-Bolt Clamp Kits (Gal)

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U-bolt Clamp Kits from 50mm to 100mm wide up to 200mm long

Galvanised 1/2″ U-bolt Clamp Kits from 50mm to 80mm wide up to 200mm long. Couplemate has all those hard to find clamp kits for 4WD and Caravan work.

Clamp kits include 8mm galvanised shackle plates, including nylocks and washers to complete the kit.

The thread of a u-bolt is rolled as opposed to cut. Rolling a thread produces a smooth thread without blemish.

Galvanised u-bolts are actually quite difficult to manufacture. Firstly, the u-bolt is made undersized and then galvanised.

Secondly, the nylock nut is made undersized and also galvanised.

Finally, what appears to be an easy fit of both nut and thread is quite difficult to achieve.

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality u bolt clamp kits towing equipment throughout Australia. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart. We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.