Outback Rear Dumbjack

Outback Rear Dumbjack Spring Hanger

The outback rear dumbjack hanger is 10mm thick and contains a 16mm hole incorporating a steel hardened bush.

Shackle pins are hammered home once the spring is inserted then locked into place with a 16mm greaseable shackle pin nut.

A knurl is positioned under the head of the shackle pin. The knurl grabs the hanger to help prevent the shackle pin from spinning.

It is not uncommon to see the head of this shackle pin tack welded into position.

A loose pin accelerates the wear and tear of the hanger, spring bush and shackle pin.

Importantly, outback spring hangers are located in a position 35mm longer than the spring. The spring length is 841mm therefore the distance between hangers is 876mm.

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