Dacromet Caliper with Stainless Piston

Dacromet Caliper

Dacromet calipers from Al-ko supplied with Caliper Bolt Mounts.

Mounts have a hole so that the bolts pass through the mount and screw into the caliper.

Boat trailers under 2000kg generally use mechanical braking whereas boat trailers over 2000kg use hydraulic braking systems.

In the past, this type of braking system was high on maintenance until stainless pistons arrived on the scene.

Stainless pistons solved a problem with phenolic pistons scratching and swelling as a result of oil absorption.

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All parts on both Dacroment and stainless calipers are interchangeable.

Saltwater is such a harsh environment that calipers must be disassembled at every service point and inspected for

  • Disc pad wear
  • Slide wear
  • Leaking fittings
  • Sticky or stuck pistons

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