Bolt On (No Clamp)

Bolt-On Jockey Wheel (No Clamp) from Al-ko

Bolt-On Al-ko premium jockey wheel (No Clamp) is fitted as standard equipment on Australia’s leading brands of trailers.

“The AL-KO brand Safety, comfort and enjoyment are an expression of our work.”

Static loading capacity or coupling weight when stationery is a good guide to selecting the right jockey wheel.

Alko static loads are 400kg on all jockey wheels except the 627500, the Power Mover and the Auto retract models.

All Al-ko premium jockey wheels come with ergonomically designed moulded plastic handles.

A range of mounting brackets makes selecting the right jockey wheel easy.

Quality in every piece. All Al-ko premium jockey wheels contain a thrust bearing ensuring easy operation.

Finally, when selecting wheel size, it is good to remember that soft surfaces need a larger wheel size for easier movement.


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  • Alko Jockey Wheel clamp included

    150mm Premium Jockey Wheel – Alko

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