American Axles

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  • 50mm 2t Axle Stainless

    50mm Square 2t Axle Stainless Top Hat Rotors

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American Axles and Kits

American axles with a Dexter bearing turn on its profile.

Imported ventilated disc rotors suit Deemaxx and Kodiak 22mm Rotors.

Furthermore, Stainless Rotors are 22mm thick and also, ventilated.

Hot-dipped galvanised axles machined by Couplemate in our Wynnum manufacturing facility.

Axles and their maximum ratings

  • 39mm Round Axle – 750kg
  • 39mm Round Galvanised Axle – 750kg.
  • 40mm Square Axle – 1000kg
  • 40mm Square Galvanised Axle – 1000kg
  • Round Axle 45mm – 1450kg
  • 45mm Round Galvanised Axle – 1450kg
  • Square Axle 45mm – 1450kg
  • 45mm Square Parallel – 1600kg
  • 45mm Galvanised Square Axle – 1450kg
  • 50mm Square Axle – 2250kg
  • Galvanised Square 50mm Axle – 1450kg
  • 60mm Round Axle – 3000kg
  • 60mm Galvanised Round Axle – 3000kg