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NSK Bearings

Dexter bearing kit to suit  1.6t and  2t American hubs

Dexter American Bearings, seals and dust caps suit all American Hubs, Drums and Disc Rotors.

At Couplemate, we carry many American Bearing configurations and seals utilising high-performance Japanese Bearings. We find the source of bearings is essential when undertaking servicing. Our experience with bearings from Japan has proved far superior to others—leading us to only stock and supply NSK and KOYO Japanese Bearings in our kits.

Bearing cups are inserted in the Genuine Dexter hub and drum components for your convenience.

When installing seals, please keep in mind that it is common to overlook lubricating the axle profile to grease seal. As a result, the lip of the seal will become overheated and ineffective.

As a result, the worn seal allows water to ingress into the hub cavity-causing bearing failure.

Dexter bearing kits fit the following hubs, drums and rotors:

Finally, take care when measuring the ID of the grease seal.

Many different variations of the 2T bearings may use the same inner and similar outer bearings but yet have other seals to suit.

If you have any questions regarding identifying the correct seal for your kit, feel free to give the team a call. We would be happy to help you find the components you need!