Stainless 12-inch DeeMaxx Disc Caliper

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Stainless 12-inch DeeMaxx Disc Caliper

Stainless American 12-inch Disc Caliper 3150-3600 kg per trailer. The maximum rating is 1800 kg per axle.

Thermal Capacity

The brake rotors must absorb the heat generated by the brakes as they convert the moving car’s kinetic energy into heat. The amount of kinetic energy a trailer has (and, therefore, the amount of heat the rotors must be able to absorb) depends on the trailer’s weight and the square of the speed of the trailer.

The rotor’s ability to absorb this heat depends on its mass (weight) and how well it cools. Exposed as they are too cooling airflow, this is one area where discs are superior to drums.

Recall that brakes need to be able to do three things:-

  1. Develop enough clamping force to create enough friction between the pad and rotor to convert the trailer’s kinetic energy to heat.
  2. Develop enough braking torque to reach the limit of traction (lockup the tires) in all conditions, and
  3. Have enough mass to absorb the conversion of the trailer kinetic energy to heat without boiling the fluid, warping the rotors, cooking seals, etc. And they must do both with a good and consistent feel!

To apply the brakes, the driver must be able to both move and pressurize the hydraulic fluid.

The master cylinder piston moves the brake fluid through the lines to bring the brake pads into contact with the rotor. Once in contact, the brake fluid creates a clamping force onto the disc rotor.

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 10 cm


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