45mm Square Axle – Galvanised

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45mm Square Axle Galvanised Galvanised Ford | Parallel | Dexter | up to 1600kg

45mm Square Axle Galvanised is very popular in Queensland on galvanised boat trailers, galvanised box trailers, off-Road trailers and some car trailers. Rated to 1450kg and 1600kg Parallel.

Single and tandem axle length is measured from tip to tip. Axles supplied with nut, washer and split pin.

Ford Japanese Marine Bearing Kit

  • Inner ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm (68149)
  • Outer ID 22.00mm, OD 45.20mm (12749)
  • Seal ID 43.9mm, OD 59.10mm (491015)
  • Grease Cap 45.20mm (CM497)

Parallel Quality Japanese kits as follows

  • Inner ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm (68149)
  • Outer ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm (68149)
  • Seal ID 43.9mm, OD 59.10mm (492015)
  • Grease Cap 63.00mm (CM497)

1.6t Dexter Bearing Kit

  • Inner ID 35.00mm, OD 59.97mm – 68149/11
  • Outer ID 27.00mm, OD 50.29mm – 44649/10
  • Seal ID 44mm, OD 65.22mm – GS-1719DL
  • Grease Cap 1.98″

made in australiaHeavy loads on light axles create what we call axle flex. Axle flex results in axle vibration at high speeds. This vibration occurs in the middle of the axle. Another name for axle flex is Vibration Fatigue.

Vibration Fatigue

The result of vibration fatigue is premature ageing or breaking of trailer springs, failed bearings, failed shackle bolts, springs and bushes and trailer vibration at high speeds.

Vibration fatigue is quite severe and can result in road accidents and fatalities.

If your 45mm Square Axle Galvanised is bending in the middle by more than 5mm your axle needs replacing with 50mm Square Axle depending on the width of your trailer. This 5mm band is caused by loading on your axle.

Vibration fatigue is quite common for 39mm round and 40mm square axles in the wider lengths beyond 1800mm.

Campers, caravaners and boaties know their rigs best when it comes to wear and tear. You know where the vibrations go because you inspect your gear when it comes time to have dinner and you notice a thing like the silver is rubbing off the knives or the ivory is looking worn.

You can fix it with either a new axle or shock absorbers, depends whether you can dampen the vibration. Shock Absorbers will not dampen ALL axle vibration if the axle is over the weight limits.

If only they knew about vibration fatigue and axles that cause it.

Wider trailers require square axles for best suspension performance.

Purchase other axles here

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality 45mm Square Axle – Galvanised and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

Customers are welcome to either pickup or take advantage of our low freight rates. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart.

We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.

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Weight80 kg
Dimensions90 × 4 × 4 cm
Axle Profile

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Tip to Tip Measurement

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