LM Holden

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  • Spare wheel Carrier Hub

    Replacement Spare Wheel Carrier Hub – No Bearings

    $50.91$150.70 inc GST
  • 4WD Swing Away hub bearings

    Replacement Rear 4WD Spare Wheel Carrier

    $55.26$69.46 inc GST
  • 50mm Square Hollow Axle

    50mm Square Hollow Axle – up to 1450kg

    $123.61$180.55 inc GST

LM Holden Bearings

LM Holden or standard bearings is rated to 750kg for 39mm Round axles and 1000kg for 40mm Square Axles.

A 750kg standard bearing kit comprises

  • Small Outer – LM11949 – ID 19.05mm – OD 45.20mm
  • Large Inner – LM67048 – ID 31.75mm 0 OD 59.10mm

The ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) of a trailer is determined by

  • Spring Rating
  • Axle Rating
  • Bearing Rating

Where the lowest rating of any of the above components signifies the trailer ATM.

caravan ATMHow to calculate trailer ATM

  • Weight of the bare trailer
  • Weight of the payload
  • Jockey Wheel Weight

Changing the lowest common denominator above changes the trailer ATM.

1250kg composite bearings kits fit 40mm Square Axles only.

The 1250kg composite kit comprises

  • Small Outer – LM12749 – ID 22mm – OD 45.20mm
  • Large Inner – LM67048 – ID 31.75mm 0 OD 59.10mm

It is unusual to install a 39mm round axle in tandem. Axles upgrade to 40mm is common in this instance.