45mm Square Axle

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45mm Square Axle Ford Bearing Australian Made

45mm Square Axle Ford Bearing is manufactured in our Brisbane warehouse. Note: Short axles are special.

When measuring from the face of the axle, add 100mm to this measurement to get the tip of the thread to the tip of the thread length.

Australian Axles are a little more expensive than Chinese or Indian Axles. However, Australian axles have a better profile finish, resulting in a longer life for your bearings.

Electric Vs Marine Turn

When ordering a bare axle it is important to note what type of turn is required for the end of the axle to be machined to. This affects how the seal sits on the shoulder of the axle. The difference in measurements can be identified using the drawings below:

Electric vs Marine Turn Drawing - 45mm square axle


LM Holden Bearing Sizes

A Square Axle with LM Holden bearings is perfect for your trailer, caravan or camper for loads up to 750kg.

If you wish to order a Holden LM bearing configuration, please select Slimline from the drop-down column above and write a notation in the delivery notes of the order advising that you require Holden LM bearings. Pricing will be as per Slimline axles.

Slimline Bearing Sizes

A Square Axle with Slimline bearings is perfect for your trailer, caravan or camper for loads up to 1450kg.

Parallel Bearing Sizes

A Square Axle with Parallel bearings is perfect for your trailer, caravan or camper for loads up to 1600kg.

If you are towing your rig straight and true, that’s perfect. If not, here are a few tips.

Ford Bearing Common problem:

Too much weight will bend this 45mm Square Axle and cause it to experience axle flex.

Axle flex occurs when a heavily ladened trailer spring re-bounds on the highway, causing the 45mm square axle to flex up and down or vibrate in the middle of the axle.

Springs fatigue and fail prematurely under axle flex or overload conditions.

Our 45mm axle steel is sourced from Australian manufacturers (BlueScope Steel) and machined in our Brisbane workshops. If your 45mm axle is bending, buy a 45mm square parallel axle and update it to 1.6t.

How to make Axles for Caravans and Trailers

Other Common Trailer Problems:

  • If your 45mm Square Parallel Axle is not correctly engineered, you may experience excessive bearing wear. The roughest seal journals can cause a loss of grease through the rear seal.
  • 45mm Square Axle SL must be examined before installing for steel cracks along the axle. Some suppliers supply non-virgin or scrap steel and forge this steel into a solid square or round shape for axle production.
  • Chinese bearings are the second most significant cause of axle failure. If you plan to get onto a highway, use Japanese bearings. The combination of Japanese Bearings and a 45mm Square Axle will help you significantly with lower maintenance for your rig.
  • Are your tandem tyres wearing unevenly? If so, ask your local trailer repairer or manufacturer if he can perform a triangulation. Although the axles are installed straight, the trailer frame could be welded out of shape.

Axle Solutions:

  • If your axle is under 2000mm and is six stud Landcruiser, upgrade to a parallel axle.
  • If your axle is over 2000mm and has six stud Landcruiser, upgrade to a parallel axle.
  • Couplemate assembled axles in Japanese provide you with our unconditional guarantee of a well-made, well-backed axle assembly.

Calculating The Correct Axle Measurements

  1. Measure the offset wheel. The wheel offset is the distance between the hub’s inside and the rubber’s outside.
  2. Add 50 mm to the offset. Alternatively, choose the distance between the rubber and the chassis.
  3. Multiply by 2 for both sides. Add your chassis width to the above number.
Still unsure of what measurements to take? Check out this handy guide below:

[P] – Check material specifications. What size and profile is the axle (for example, 45mm Square)
[T] – Overall axle length (tip to tip)
[F] – Hub face-to-hub face measurement
[A] – Chassis width
[C] – Tyre clearance
[B] – Back offset
[H] – Tyre to chassis
[G] – Axle pad centres

How To Measure An Axle

Identifying Bearing Combinations

You will also need to identify your bearing combination, pull off a hub and bearings and locate the number laser engraved onto the bearing. You will require both the inner and the outer bearing numbers.

Where to identify bearing number. Look for the laser engraved number on the bearing. 45mm square axle

Caravan axles and their maximum rating.

Additional information

Tip to Tip Length

1475mm, 1500mm, 1525mm, 1550mm, 1575mm, 1600mm, 1625mm, 1650mm, 1675mm, 1700mm, 1725mm, 1750mm, 1775mm, 1800mm, 1825mm, 1850mm, 1875mm, 1900mm, 1925mm, 1950mm, 1975mm, 2000mm, 2025mm, 2050mm, 2075mm, 2100mm, 2125mm, 2150mm, 2175mm, 2200mm, 2225mm, 2250mm, 2275mm, 2300mm, 2325mm, 2350mm, 2375mm, 2400mm, 2425mm, 2450mm, 2475mm

Marine / Electric

Electric, Marine

Axle Profile

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