Offroad Magnet Left Side

Off-Road Magnet Left Side

The Off-road magnet left side Electric Backing Plate – Suit Dexter and Alko.

Electric brake magnets found in electric backing plates are located on the bottom when installed correctly.

When looking at the backing plate, the long brake shoe is called the primary shoe and is installed facing the rear of the trailer. The shorter shoe faces the front of the trailer.

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The plastic insert in off-road brake magnets prevents damage between the magnet and the magnet arm.

Dexter backing plates do not come standard with off-road magnets. Aftermarket magnets can be fitted by our staff.

These two articles provide good information if you are having trouble with your caravan braking.

Breakaway Switch Tips

Check the breakaway switch if you feel the brakes are in the ON position after passing through a waterway.

This switch can become waterlogged, resulting in a short circuit. As a result of the short circuit, the electric brakes are engaged.

The solution is to pill the pin, wipe clean and re-insert.

Finally, If the breakaway switch is still causing your brakes to engage, cut the cable and head to your nearest repair shop. The breakaway switch needs replacing.

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