BMPRO Caravan Electronic Sway Controller

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BMPRO SwayControl automatically corrects caravan / trailer sway keeping drivers safe on the road.

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Caravan Sway Control Monitor by BMPRO

BMPRO Electronic Sway Control Loom

An electronic sway controller is a device that helps to prevent a trailer from swaying while it is being towed.

It does this by monitoring the trailer’s movement and applying the trailer brakes if it detects any sway.

Electronic sway controllers are typically installed on the underside of the trailer’s chassis and wired directly to the trailer’s braking system.

Important: The biggest problem experienced installing and testing sway controllers is undersized cabling.

As a result, BMPRO provides a cabling kit suitable for all caravan and camper single or tandem axle installations. The retail cost of the cable kit is $250.00

We carry good stocks of BMPRO electronic sway controllers for immediate Express Dispatch including the cable kit.

There are two main types of electronic sway controllers:

  • Active electronic sway controllers: These controllers use a gyroscope or accelerometer to detect sway. When sway is detected, the controller applies the trailer brakes to bring the trailer back under control.
  • Passive electronic sway controllers: These controllers use a weight-distribution hitch to help prevent sway. The weight distribution hitch distributes the weight of the trailer more evenly between the tow vehicle and the trailer, which makes it less likely for the trailer to sway.

Electronic sway controllers can be a valuable safety feature for trailers. They can help to prevent accidents caused by trailer sway, such as rollovers and jackknifes.


Here are some of the benefits of using an electronic sway controller:

  • Increased safety: Electronic sway controllers can help to prevent accidents caused by trailer sway.
  • Improved stability: Electronic sway controllers can help to improve the stability of the trailer, making it less likely to sway.
  • Reduced stress: Electronic sway controllers can help to reduce the stress of towing a trailer, as you will not have to worry about the trailer swaying.

If you are considering buying an electronic sway controller, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The type of trailer you have: Some electronic sway controllers are only compatible with certain types of trailers.
  • The weight of your trailer: The weight of your trailer will affect the size and power of the electronic sway controller you need.
  • Your budget: Electronic sway controllers can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Asymmetric Sway Controllers

What is the difference between electronic sway controllers?

  • Manual sway controllers brake the left and right side brakes simultaneously. (All brakes)
  • Depending upon sway characteristics, the BMPRO Asymmetric trailer sway control applies brakes or creates resistance on the LEFT or RIGHT side.
  • Incorrect size cables cause voltage drop and inefficient braking. Therefore, it is wise to install the BMPRO cable kit (supplied) and remove the old kit that may be undersized.

Sway control is engaged when the caravan moves out of the line of travel. In other words, sway to the left side or the right-hand side.

Watch the video from Channel 7 News and learn how to prevent caravan rollovers. Caravan rollover was reported on 7 News . For more on this story, click this link.

With the most recent caravan rollover incident in North Queensland and the Caravan Industry Association of Australia launching the towing guide earlier this year, the subject of towing safety is on everybody’s minds.

Friction and mechanical sway control help prevent trailer sway, but are they essential?

How Asymmetric Caravan Sway Control Works

Sway Control distinguishes between safe maneuvering and dangerous caravan sway that does not require driver intervention.

With independent control of left and right-hand side caravan braking systems and continual closed-loop feedback, the SwayControl quickly and effectively applies the braking force needed to correct caravan sway.

Use in conjunction with your favourite tow hitch.

Further, BMPRO® sway control systems reduce sway from low tyre pressures on vehicle and trailer and provide more stability to the tow vehicle for highway road conditions. The BMPRO SwayCon has integrated loom technology and modifications to suit a new-age caravan.

Note: Sway Control automatically disengages when used in off-road conditions.

Monitor Key Features

  • Automatically adjusts the braking level (proportional control)
  • Automatic system disabling driving in off-road conditions
  • The left and right brakes activate independently
  • Fully sealed, waterproof, and 100% tested for reliability
  • Wired directly into the electric brake system by your auto electrician.
  • Suitable for up to 4-axle trailers and caravans


  • Power – 12V
  • Power Source – Caravan Battery
  • Dimensions – 55 x 89 x 146
  • Sleep Mode – 30 mins inactivity
  • Wake mode – Brake Control Signal
  • Pre-programming – No
  • Auto System Disable (ASD) – Yes
  • ASD Detect – 5 Seconds
  • Off-Road deactivation – Automatic
  • Braking Level Adjustment – Automatic
  • Braking Levels – Independent Left / Right
  • Maintenance – Nil
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Status indicator – LED

Sway controllers do not compensate for a towing vehicle that is too light, an unbalanced caravan or a lack of weight distribution from the tow ball. Coupler weight-safe scales are the best solution for correct weight distribution. 

Please note that BMPRO requires an Authorised Auto Electrician to install sway controllers. Warranty is void if installed by an unauthorised person.

Install an Alko, Dexter Sway Control and claim a 10% Policy Discount from CIL Insurance. 

Click the link above to go to the CIL page. BMPRO® and Dexter sway control have been added to the list of approved controllers.

The BMPRO support page and contact details can be found here.

BMPRO products are available from Couplemate in Wynnum, Queensland. Please contact us before visiting to ensure we have sufficient stock.

Finally, Couplemate Trailer Parts is a Queensland retailer for BMPRO. 

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