MiniBoost DC–DC Smart Battery Charger

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✓ MiniBoost 12v – 18A
✓ MiniBoostPro 12v – 30A
✓ Australian Made

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MiniBoost DC-DC Battery and Solar Charger

MiniBoost 18A and MiniBoostPro 30A DC-DC chargers rapidly charge the deep cycle battery while driving.

What is the difference between MiniBoost and the Pro version?

  • The Miniboost DC charge will charge all batteries except Lithium (LiFePO4)
  • Whereas the MiniBoost DC Pro charges all batteries. Gel, AGM/Wet, Lithium LiFePO4


  • If I turn off my ignition, will MiniBoost drain my car battery? No, the car battery is isolated when the ignition is off.
  • When charging my house battery, will MiniBoost allow a backfeed to charge my car battery? No, the car battery is 100% isolated from the back feed, even with the ignition ON.
  • I have installed MiniBoostPro in the rear of my motor home. Can I use an isolation switch on the blue wire instead of running it up to the front ignition of the motor home? Yes, as long as you remember to switch it off when not in use; otherwise, your car battery can be drained flat by the house battery.

BMPRO’s MiniBoostPRO is a compact DC-DC charger with solar input specially designed for the RV market. The MiniBoostPRO effectively charges your caravan, 4WD or camper trailer’s house battery from the towing vehicle’s electrical system.

Blending solar and auxiliary inputs, the MiniBoostPRO provides a combined charging current of up to a maximum of 30A, with a preference for solar. It features proprietary technology designed to charge from modern car alternators.

The MiniBoostPRO provides a multi-stage charging profile.

It functions when wired directly to 12V batteries and enhances BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35 and J35 battery management systems.

A range of protective features built into the MiniBoostPRO will guard your caravan or camper trailer’s charging capacity.

MiniBoost Charger Key Features

  • Output 14.4V (constant voltage)// 8-18A (constant current), depending on input voltage
  • Input 10-16 V
  • Battery Type 12V Lead Acid
  • Battery Chemistry AGM, Gel, Calcium or Wet
  • Operating Temp 0-50 C Ambient

MiniBoost Specifications

  • DC-DC charger specifically for RV applications
  • Input over-current and reverse voltage protection
  • Output over-current & short-circuit protection
  • Output reverse connection protection
  • BMPRO signature durability and ease of use

MiniBoost Pro Key Features

  • 30A multi-stage DC-DC charger
  • Dual input solar/aux up to 30A
  • Multi-battery chemistry selector
  • Suitable for modern smart alternators
  • BMPRO BP35 and J35 compatible
  • BMPRO signature durability and ease of use
  • 2-year warranty

MiniBoostPro Specification

  • Auxiliary Input Voltage:  9-15V DC
  • Solar Input Voltage: 9-25V DC
  • Output Voltage Gel: 14.2V, AGM/Wet: 14.4.V,  LiFePO4: 14.6V
  • Float Voltage 13.6V
  • Output Current Auxiliary Bypass: max. 30A; Auxiliary Boost: max. 22A; Solar Charging: max. 30A; Blending Charging: max. 30A
  • Quiescent Current Draw Auxiliary/Primary Battery: < 25mA; Secondary Battery: < 18mA
  • Operating Temperature -20°C to 80°C
  • Dimensions 160mm x 131mm x 41mm
  • IP Rating IP20
  • Standards RCM Approval, EMC CISPR 11: 2015 Class B
  • Battery Chemistry Gel, AGM/Wet, LiFePO4

BMPRO products are available from Couplemate in Wynnum, Queensland. Please get in touch with us before visiting to ensure we have sufficient stock.

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