Odyssey Battery Management System

Odyssey Battery Management System


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Odyssey Battery Management System

Odyssey is a caravan management system with a touch screen monitor. App-driven battery monitor and control console operates with BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35 via the OdysseyLink.

The Odyssey gives users a new level of comfort and knowledge about the caravan’s battery and power consumption including:

  • Full visibility and control of the caravan’s battery system including battery status, power consumption and available charge sources
  • Monitoring of clean and dirty water tanks and caravan temperature
  • Control of caravan features, including lights, slide-out and water pumps

Caravan power management system from touch screen display

  • Vital caravan information at your fingertips
  • Effortless control over caravan power
  • Free camp with confidence
  • Harness the power of solar and lithium
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology
  • Australian designed and made by BMPRO
  • Includes OdysseyLink

There are many very helpful tips and tricks videos on youtube by BMPRO.


Smart Sensors

BMPRO Smart Sensors connect to JHub, these sensors are

  • LPG Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Tyre Pressure Sensors

Smart Connect Bluetooth Sensors BMPRO

BMPRO products are available from Couplemate in Wynnum, Queensland. Please contact us before visiting to ensure we have sufficient stock.


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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm