Solar Volt/Watt Meter – 4WD

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Solar Volt/Watt Meter

The Solar volt/watt meter is a simple device for measuring input and output currents and wattage from solar panels or batteries.

The Chargeguard® digital wattmeter accurately measures DC power usage. The LED display measures volts, watts and amps in real-time.

The solar meter has a DC data scroll of eight key electrical parameters which reset every time the meter is powered off.

The DC 00meter is ideal for monitoring the output of solar panels or current draw from dc appliances such as portable fridges. 50A connectors provide an easy connection to the supply and load.

Chargeguard® is the registered name of TrailerVision Australia.

Solar Volt/Watt Meter

Solar Volt/Watt MeterKey Features

  • 4.8 – 60 VDC is ideal for 12v or 24v DC electrical systems.
  • Displays volts, amps, watts and AVG watts.
  • The LCD Display is backlit.
  • Heavy-Duty power connectors for easy connection
  • Use with fridges, solar panels, dual battery systems and battery packs
  • Light and portable.

Operating Instructions

  1. Connect the Chargeguard® digital wattmeter in series between supply and the load. Ensure correct polarity when connecting to your electrical system.
  2. Once connected, the meter will light up and display information almost instantly. The meter resets once disconnected.
  3. Connect the meter in 2 ways. See the diagram above showing the connection of the meter to monitor charge and discharge devices.

Meter Specification

  • Voltage: 4.8 – 60vdc
  • Current Max: 50A Continuous
  • Operating current: 7mA
  • Data Scroll Time: 2 seconds
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50 degree Celcius
  • Warning: Do not Exceed specification limits

Hot Joints in Caravan Electrical Connections and Fire

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