LED Anderson Plugs

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    7 pin anderson plug

    50A Anderson Trailer Plug Combination

    $39.75 inc GST
  • Anderson Plug Mounting Bracket

    Anderson Plug Mounting Bracket

    $8.50 inc GST
  • 50A Trailer Plug cover

    Trailer Mount Anderson Plug Cover

    $17.10$18.70 inc GST
  • 50A LED Screw

    50A LED Screw Connector

    $9.75 inc GST
  • 50A Flush Mount Car Connectors

    50A Flush Mount Car Cover plus Connector

    $20.60 inc GST
  • car mounted anderson plug cover

    50A Car Plug Cover suit Anderson Plug

    $14.65 inc GST
  • 50A Flush Mount Car Plug Cover

    50A Flush Mount Car Plug Cover

    $16.30 inc GST
  • Grey Anderson Plug T Handle

    T Handles to suit 50A Anderson Plugs

    $1.50 inc GST

LED Anderson Plug Cover for 50A and 175A Connectors

LED Anderson style plugs and Covers ensure a safe and reliable environment for electrical connections.

Anderson plugs are a connection for towing, battery charging, connecting auxiliary batteries, solar panels and a caravan lithium battery,

The polyethylene cover ensures correct mating of the positive and negative terminals into the connectors.

Why install Anderson Plugs into covers?

Dirt on electrical connections in mobile environments is the enemy for larger DC currents. These DC currents cause a much greater spark on ignition than AC voltages for the same current.

Dirt, grime and water in electrical connections all cause problems with DC power. Fire can occur in a variety of applications, from Camper Trailers to Snow Mobiles.

Fire occurs when dirt collects greases and oils and is ignited by a spark from a DC ignition voltage.

To reduce spark in DC electrical systems, increase the contact area or lower the current.

To decrease water and dirt ingress, use a terminal cover.

Voltage drop is important when selecting the right size cable.

The use of a small cable and high currents is a recipe for fire.

Ask the experts for the correct size cable for the current you wish to draw.

Finally, if you are buying a battery cable ask your, battery supplier for the right cabling.