ECU Towbar Wiring Harness Loom Connector


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ECU Towbar Loom Connector

The ECU Towbar loom connector independently connects your vehicle’s stop, lamps, and signal to your trailer. Installing new tail lights on your trailer often confuses the vehicle computer.

Competent auto electricians use this connector on all vehicles when installing tow bar wiring. It saves money not to keep too many wiring harness models on the shelf.

Vehicle lights often flash indiscriminately when connected to the trailer, which indicates that the onboard vehicle is confused. To overcome this problem, installing an independent CPU fixes the problem.
towbar loom connector

This splash-proof universal loom connector fits all known vehicles. The ECU towbar connector has never failed to work correctly in any circumstance.

15A fused from the battery connects to a five-pole relay, enabling trailer lamps and signals to be powered directly from the vehicle battery.

The universal ECU also has an open circuit alarm feature. You will receive an audible alarm on open circuits caused by a faulty plug connection or faulty circuits.

Standard wiring loom connectors are fantastic and solve many problems, but occasionally, they do not work for one reason or another.

The Trailer Vision ECU towbar connector is universal and fail-proof when installed by an auto electrician.

Electronic Control Units (ECU) and Towing Looms

The relay box contains six terminals

  1. Power
  2. Left turn
  3. Right Turn
  4. Lamps
  5. Stop Lights
  6. Earth Return

You will require

  • Cable
  • Plug
  • Connectors are to join the vehicle tail lights.

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