Reflectors for Trailers and Caravans


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Reflectors for Light Trailers and Caravans

  • Reflectors are supplied with adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Size: 82mm x 20mm x 7.5mm.

A Vehicle Examiner would view your reflectors on trailers and caravans when conducting an inspection. Use this guide as a checklist and tick the boxes as you go.

(below is an NSW vehicle examiner’s checklist.)

Electrical check

All globes, lenses, caravan reflectors and controls must be in working order and work effectively.

Faded lenses reduce effectiveness.

The number plate light must be in working order and capable of illuminating the number plate.

Number plate

The plate must face outwards from the rear of the trailer, in an upright position, parallel to the vehicle axle/s and be legible from a distance of 20 metres.

Side marking lights

  • Option 1 (for trailers that exceed 2200 mm in width and 7500 mm long only). Campers must have one lamp on either side and within 300mm from the rear of a vehicle, in the middle of over 7500mm long. The light must show an orange glow to the front and a red light to the back.
  • Option 2 (an extended trailer that exceeds 6000mm). Campers must have one light on either side within 1000mm from the rear and 3000mm from the front of the trailer. The side marker light other than the rear lamp must show amber only, and the rear light is amber to the front and red to the rear.

Reflectors for Trailers

Question: How many reflectors should I use on my trailer, and what colour should I use?


  • two red road caravan reflectors at the rear;
  • two white reflectors at the front of the trailer; and
  • orange road trailer reflectors on both sides of the trailer.

Note: A red reflector incorporated in the rear position lamp is considered a rear retro-reflector where additional reflectors are not required.

Ref: Australian National Road Standards for Lamps and Reflectors.

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