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Battery Electronics

  • battery check 100

    Battery Check 100A via Smartphone

    BCHECK100 $205.00
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  • Oricom Lithium Jump Starter & Power Pack - 1200A

    Lithium Jump Starter & Power Pack – 1200A

    JSP1200 $249.00
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  • ControlNode103 Bluetooth link

    ControlNode103 Bluetooth Link

    CONTROLNODE103 $285.00
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  • OdysseyLink103 communication centre


    ODYSSEYLINK103 $289.00
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  • RVVIEW2 Monitor

    RVView2 Display Monitor – RVVIEW2

    RVVIEW2 $295.00
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  • Battery Check Pro

    Battery Check Pro 300 for Smartphone

    BCHECKPRO $330.00
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  • Miniboost

    MiniBoost DC–DC Smart Battery Charger

    $385.00 - $485.00
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  • BC300 incl Commlink

    BC300 incl Commlink

    BC300 $430.00
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  • Pro Boost 25Amp DC-DC – PROBOOST25

    PROBOOST25 $445.00
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  • trek3 lithium

    Trek3 RV Monitor Incl OdysseyLink103

    TREK3 $625.00
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  • GENIUS 15-35

    Genius 15-35 RV Power Supply – GENIUS11A

    GENIUS11A $630.00
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  • Genius 30-35

    Genius 30-35 RV Power Supply

    GENIUS11HA $660.00
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Trailer Electronics & Electrical

Shop Trailer Lights, Markers & LED Accessories

No matter what you tow, the Couplemate™ Australia trailer electronics and electrical range has you covered. From boat trailers to box trailers, caravans to campers, horse floats and more, we’re here to help. The main brands kept on the shelf include BMPRO and CoolDrive, both trusted electrical brands in our industry.

What are Trailer Electronics?

It is a broad category for all trailer parts with an electrical component. Therein, it covers areas like batteries, lights, sway controllers and more.

In Australia, the demand for long-lasting and high-quality trailers lights and caravan batteries is paramount. Be it navigating through saltwater submersion at your nearby boat ramp or traversing bumpy bush tracks, our selection of trailer electronics is engineered to withstand the challenges of the Australian outback.

Why are Trailer Electronics Important?

Caravan batteries, side marker lamps, and other trailer electronics form an essential part of your chassis. In Australia, our ADRs (or Australian Design Rules) guide how caravans, trailers, and other towed vehicles should be constructed.

Reflectors, marker lamps, reversing lights and other electronics are all assigned to their own ADR. View our ADR Poster here. 

Our Range of Trailer Electronics

Discover our selection of cutting-edge and cost-effective electrical products designed to meet your towing needs. Crafted from high-quality materials and rigorously tested on the open road, you can have complete confidence in selecting the ideal components for your trailer and towing requirements.

Whether you’re in search of rear tail lights, or Bluetooth battery monitors, we’ve got you covered with:

  • DC Battery Chargers
  • Battery Monitors
  • Anderson Plugs & Sockets
  • Trailer Lights
  • Sway Controllers
  • Bluetooth Monitoring Systems
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Electric Brake Controllers

Couplemate™ Australia is the go-to expert for all things trailers and towing. While we aren’t in the business of building complete trailers, we can certainly help you replace, repair, or upgrade parts. Browse online or come in-store today!

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