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    Cruisemaster 2t Bearing Kit

    Cruisemaster 2t Bearing Kit

    $45.00 inc GST
  • Penrite Bearing Grease

    Penrite Power Sports Grease Tube (100g)

    $14.95 inc GST
  • 2t Trojan Bearing Kit

    2t Trojan Bearing Kit LM48548/LM44649

    $58.90 inc GST
  • single trailer bearings

    Single Trailer Bearings NSK

    $8.75$92.58 inc GST
  • holden japanese trailer bearing

    Holden Trailer Bearing Kit

    $22.00$25.35 inc GST
  • Composite Japanese Bearing Kit

    Composite Japanese Bearing Kit

    $24.60 inc GST
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    ford japanese parallel bearing

    Ford Slimline – Parallel Bearing Kit

    $27.50$32.95 inc GST
  • 2t japanese caravan bearing

    2t Bearing Kit suit Al-ko Hub/Drums

    $64.96$93.20 inc GST
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    Dexter Bearing Kits

    Dexter Caravan Bearing Kits

    $35.60$81.00 inc GST
  • 3t Japanese Caravan Bearing Kit Al-ko seals

    3t Bearing Kit suit Alko Hubs

    $66.45$67.82 inc GST
  • 1.5t Japanese bearing kit

    1.5t Trailer Bearing Kit

    $42.25 inc GST
  • simplicity bearing kit

    Simplicity Bearing Kit

    $98.37$124.45 inc GST

Trailer Bearing Kit

NSK Bearings
A Trailer bearing kit is the preferred choice of caravanners looking for something that ensures safety at high speeds.

Bearings in blister packs or loose are generally not packaged by the manufacturer. They are picked from boxes by the seller or the seller’s agent. Bearings can often be dropped on the ground or gather dust before blister packaging.

Couplemate prefers to sell bearings packaged by the manufacturer.
The best way to experience the outback is to drive across the unpredictable terrain. You’ll soon find a beautiful, cosy spot to set up camp for an incredibly peaceful starlit night.

When driving across the outback, you’ll need to use the best caravan trailer parts and 4WD parts you can find. Your trailer’s components need to handle the punishment delivered by these severe off-road conditions. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time navigating through patches of dirt and red-orange dunes.

If you’re towing a trailer, you have to be doubly prepared to deal with damage to both your trailer and your vehicle. Making your way through this region is no joke and takes a toll on drivers and their vehicles. If you have your trailer parts or tow hitch break down or die on you, you might even get stranded.

We’ll deliver spare caravan Japanese bearing kits and spare camper trailer parts to wherever you are.

Japanese caravan bearing kits have proved the finest bearing available for campers. Horse floats, boat trailers, cars, trains and planes. If it has got wheels, then it probably has Japanese bearings in it.

Chinese and Indian Bearings

Chinese and Indian bearings, you say? No thanks. I’ve seen too many of these fail without good reason. I am always on the lookout for a good caravan Japanese bearing kit.

It isn’t easy to replicate good engineering. However, the Germans might argue that they made the first caravan bearing kit that did not destruct at high speed.

I use a simple rule when buying bearings for my boat trailer: the word ‘Japan’ must appear on the bearing somewhere. Otherwise, it is not Japanese—and not a quality bearing.

Yes, I know this rule does not apply to all bearings. However, it helps me to identify the quality bearings I need for my trailers. I’ve had too many bearing failures before I used this rule.

Axle Steel for Caravan and Trailer Axles

Couplemate sells only sells the best quality trailer and caravan bearings throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.