2t Bearing Kit suit Alko Drums

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2t Bearing Kit suit Alko Hub Drums

2t Japanese Caravan Bearing Kit for long hauling is a must for caravans and boat trailers fitted with Alko drums.

Bearing kits to suit the following caravan manufacturers using solid beam axles.

  • Jayco
  • Coromal
  • Avan
  • Kedron
  • Millard
  • Windsor

Also, Alko international Pty Ltd offers its customers a wide range of running gear, including axles and a wide range of accessories to suit the trailer, caravan and RV markets in Australia.

Couplemate manufacturers market and distributes a comprehensive range of high quality running gear, including axles, brakes and suspension products.

Bearing dollies are a fantastic tool for mechanics. The specific tool for the job saves time and blood.

Bearing failure is all too often caused by a lack of maintenance or checking bearings before travelling long distances. Even the best 2t bearings need checking after long rests between trips.

The consequence of not checking your bearings is a costly disaster. Sorry to be blunt.

Important information for Marine Seals.

Marine seals are designed to rotate inside their metal retaining ring.

Friction can create heat up to 100 degrees C.

You must grease this seal around the outside ring of a marine seal with a liberal amount of grease. The seal is then placed onto the axle, not into the hub.

A dry marine seal causes excess heat.

2.25t Japanese Caravan Bearing Kit

2.25t Japanese Marine Bearing Kit

It is wise to remove the old bearing cups when replacing bearings. Cups and races are subject to wear and tear. Carbon black in your grease or black grease is a sign of bearing wear. Immediately replace bearing cups and races.

Low-quality wheel bearings have inferior coatings and low tolerances.

Use high temperature bearing grease for use at high speeds.

Finally, purchase pre-greased Alko 2t drums here.

2t Quality Japanese Caravan Bearing Kit

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Bearing Type

2t Alko, 2t Alko Marine


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