2t Trojan Bearing Kit LM48548/LM44649

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2t Trojan Bearing Kit

2t Trojan Bearing kit to suit LM48548 (inner) and Lm44649 (Outer). Quality bearings by NSK, Japan.

The best way to test bearings is to run your thumbnail over the bearing cylinder and the bearing cup. The cups and races should be smooth. Replace bearings with rough surfaces.

Black grease identifies bearing wear. The black discolourisation within the grease is carbon black. Carbon black is the result of a worn casting.

On the other hand, brown grease is the result of water ingress. As a result of hot hubs being immersed in cold water, the air inside the hub contracts and sucks in water.

Suits 1.98″ Dust Cap

NSK Kit Specifications

  • Inner ID 34.925mm – OD 65.08mm
  • Outer ID 27.00mm – OD 50.29mm

New Zealand Company Trogan manufactures and installs these axles on Camper Trailers and Caravans.

Note: Inspect bearing journals and hub journals for signs of wear, overheating or discolouration.

The discolouration is a sign of heat stress. As a result of heat stress, the axle or hub rating is lowered. Load ratings are a maximum rating.

Purchase the seal kit to suit these bearings here.

2t Trojan Bearing Kit LM48548/LM44649


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