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Ford Slimline – Parallel Bearing Kit

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Parallel – Slimline Bearing Kit – Japanese for Caravans Boat Trailers

Ford Japanese Parallel Kit 1600 kg – Slimline Japanese Ford Bearing Kit 1450 kg, high speed, highway usage.

Watch our marine bearing seal video

What do I need to know about Marine Seals?

  • Marine seals are a tight fit on the axle journal
  • Marine seals rotate inside the stainless metal retaining ring
  • Friction can create heat up to 100 degrees C
  • You must grease this seal around the outside ring of a marine seal, with a liberal amount of grease. Insert the seal onto the axle, not into the hub
  • A dry or greaseless marine seal causes excess heat.

Ford Slimline Kit

Ford Slimline Marine Kit

Ford Parallel Japanese kit

  • Inner bearing ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm (68149)
  • Outer bearing ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm (68149)
  • Seal ID 43.9mm, OD 59.10mm (492015)
  • Grease Cap 63.00mm (CM498)

How can I insert the bearing cup easily?

Bearing dollies are available for both front and back bearings.

They are bearing dollies suit ford slimline and ford parallel bearings.

Purchase bearing dollies here.

Where can I buy quality bearings?

Parallel bearings kits are generally available from most stockists. However, you may have trouble sourcing the dust cap because parallel dust caps are not a standard item.

Couplemate carries a large inventory of parallel bearing kits including dust caps. Orders are dispatched within 2 hours of purchase.

Trailer bearings rated towing capacity as follows

  • 750kg – 39mm Round Axle (Holden Bearings)
  • 1000kg – 40mm Square Axle (Holden Bearings)
  • 1250kg – 40mm Square Axle (Composite Bearings)
  • 1450kg – 45mm Round or Square Axle (Ford or Slimline Bearings)
  • 1450kg – 50mm Round or Square Axle (Ford or Slimline Bearings)
  • 1600kg – 45mm Round or Square Axle (Parallel Bearings)
  • 1600kg – 50mm Round or Square Axle (Parallel Bearings)
  • 2250kg – 50mm Square or 60mm Round Axles (2.25t Bearings)

It is wise to remove the old bearing cups when replacing bearings. Cups and races are subject to wear and tear. If you witness carbon black in your grease or black grease, renew cups and races immediately.

Low-quality bearings have inferior coatings and reduced tolerance levels. These bearings wear quickly and are not suitable for long-haul, high-speed use.

Use high temperature bearing grease for use at high speeds.

dust cap dollyMy dust cap keeps falling off, what is happening?

Dust or grease caps are a compression fit. Frequently removed dust cause lose of compression, causing a loose-fitting dust cap.

Caps can also lose compression easily when heated and simply fall off.

Further, inspect the inside of the hub where the cap fits. It may be worn and require replacing.

Hub and dust cap sizes are as follows:

  • 45.2mm hub
  • 45.5mm cap

Hear From A Couplemate Expert On a Caravan Japanese Bearing Kit

Japanese caravan bearing kits have proved the finest bearing available for campers. Horse floats, boat trailers, cars, trains and planes. If it has got wheels, then it probably has Japanese bearings in it.

Chinese and Indian bearings, you say? No thanks. I’ve seen too many of these fail without good reason. I am always on the lookout for a quality caravan Japanese bearing kit.

I use a simple rule when buying bearings for my boat trailer: the word ‘Japan’ must appear on the bearing somewhere. Otherwise, it is not Japanese—and not a quality bearing.

Yes, I know this rule does not apply to all bearings. However, it helps me to identify the quality bearings I need for my trailers.

I’ve simply had too many bearing failures before I used this rule.

Video – How to correctly grease a marine bearing seal

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality Ford Slimline – Parallel Bearing Kit and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

Customers are welcome to either pickup or take advantage of our low freight rates. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart.

We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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