Ford Slimline Bearing Kits


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Ford Slimline Bearing Kits

Ford Slimline Bearing Kits for high speed, highway usage have a maximum rating of 1450kg.

NSK Japanese slimline or Ford bearing kits to suit the following caravan manufacturers using solid beam axles

  • Jayco
  • Coromal
  • Avan
  • Kedron
  • Millard
  • Windsor
  • JB Caravans
  • New Age
  • Roadstar

What is the difference between Ford and Holden bearings?

The outer Ford bearing has an ID of 22mm, whereas the Holden bearing has an ID of 19mm. The larger bearing size increases the maximum load capacity from 1000kg to 1450kg

What do I need to know about Bearing Marine Seals?

  • Marine seals are a tight fit on the axle journal.
  • Some installers smear silicone on this journal to keep the rubber seal in the correct place.
  • Marine seals rotate inside the stainless metal retaining ring.
  • Friction can create heat up to 100 degrees C.
  • You must liberally grease this seal around the outside ring of a marine seal. Insert the seal onto the axle, not into the hub.
  • A dry or greaseless marine seal causes excess heat.

Ford Slimline Japanese Bearing Kit

Ford Slimline Japanese Marine Bearing Kit

NSK trailer bearings rated towing capacity as follows

  • 750kg – 39mm Round Axle (Holden Bearings)
  • 1000kg – 40mm Square Axle (Holden Bearings)
  • 1250kg – 40mm Square Axle (Composite Bearings)
  • 1450kg – 45mm Round or Square Axle (Ford or Slimline Bearings)
  • 1600kg – 45mm Round or Square Axle (Parallel Bearings)
  • 2250kg – 50mm Square or 60mm Round Axles (2.25t Bearings)

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Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Bearing Type

Ford Slimline, Ford Slimline Marine


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