Holden Trailer Bearing Kit

Holden Trailer Bearing Kit


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Holden Trailer Bearing Kit

Standard Holden Japanese trailer bearing kit includes front and back trailer bearings, bearing seal and pressed steel hub cover.

The standard holden trailer Japanese bearing kit is also known as an LM wheel bearing kit. Any reputable trailer parts store carries quality kits.

Couplemate recommends NSK bearing kits to be reliable for high-speed highway use. Japanese bearings can be difficult to locate. There are many low-quality, non-Japanese bearing kits in the market that are prone to failure.

Where can I find quality boat trailer bearings?

Our store locator will assist you in finding high-quality parts.

View a complete list of caravan and boat trailer bearings here.

LM Holden | Standard

LM Holden | Standard Marine

Al-ko recommends the following bearing ratings;

  • 750kg - 39mm Round Axle (Holden Bearings).
  • 1000kg - 40mm Square Axle (Holden Bearings).
  • 1250kg - 40mm Square Axle (Composite Bearings).
  • 1450kg - 45mm Round or Square Axle (Ford or Slimline Bearings).
  • 1450kg - 50mm Round or Square Axle (Ford or Slimline Bearings).
  • 1600kg - 45mm Round or Square Axle (Parallel Bearings).
  • 1600kg - 50mm Round or Square Axle (Parallel Bearings).
  • 2250kg - 50mm Square or 60mm Round Axles (2.25t Bearings).

Use high temperature bearing grease for use at high speeds. Purchase Penrite grease here, has a great reputation.

Standard Bearing Kits fit these hubs, drums and disc rotors

Why do I need to remove the old bearing cups?

It is wise to remove the old bearing cups when replacing bearings. Cups and races are subject to wear and tear. If you witness carbon black in your grease or black grease, cups and bearing races need to be replaced immediately.

China and India produce low-quality bearings with inferior coatings and low tolerances. These bearings wear quickly and are not suitable for long-haul, high-speed use.

Purchase composite Japanese Bearing Kit here

Holden Trailer Bearing Kit

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