Penrite Power Sports Grease Tube (100g)

Penrite Power Sports Grease Tube (100g)


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Penrite 100g Power Sports 10 Tenths Grease Tube

Penrite Power Sports Grease 100g tube is a water-resistant, high temperature, multi-purpose grease. Most importantly, it contains a special anti-rust additive for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion.

It also contains a tackiness agent to provide increased protection during severe performance conditions. This allows for exceptional water washout resistance and sprays off resilience.

You might carry spare bearings on the road, but did you consider grease for repacking?

Couplemate now sells convenient 100g tubes of multi-purpose Penrite Power Grease. Light and compact, it’s perfect for carrying on the road for emergencies.

TIP: Use one tube of grease per pair of bearings. For example, 2 tubes per axle.

Grease Explained

Highly Resistant

Firstly, Penrite Power Sports Grease has been formulated to provide outstanding lubrication and protection in all outdoor conditions where a water-resistant type of grease is required (motorcycling, Marine, Automotive and other outdoor activities). Importantly, it provides outstanding film strength, which has excellent resistance to water, snow, ice and mud.

Perfect for Unexpected Break Downs

Secondly, use Power Sports Grease on wheel bearings to protect against the elements. This includes those fitted with disc brakes, cables, throttle lines, linkages, winch gears and most other greasing points.

Convenient Compact Size

Finally, for ease of transport Power Sports Grease is packed in a convenient 100g tube for easy dispensing and can be carried as part of a small tool kit for on the spot jobs. Additionally, its translucent green colour makes it easy to see, and it won't harm paint or plastics.

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Penrite 100g Power Sports Grease Pack

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