Single Trailer Bearings NSK

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NSK Bearings



Single Trailer Bearings

Single trailer bearings are now available for caravans, boat trailers and caravans up to 3t. All bearings sold by Couplemate are Japanese and as a result, the best quality money can buy.

The following single bearing suit cup and cone or outer and inner bearings up to 3t.

Penrite Caravan and Trailer Bearing Grease

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Bearing Specifications

  1. LM11949/10 – ID 19.05mm – OD 45.20mm
  2. LM12749/10 – ID 22.00mm – OD 45.20mm
  3. 30205J2Q – ID 25.00mm – OD 52.00mm
  4. LM44649/10 – ID 27.00mm – OD 50.29mm
  5. LM67048/10 – ID 31.75mm – OD 59.10mm
  6. LM68149/10 – ID 35.00mm – OD 59.10mm
  7. LM16849/111 – ID35.00mm – OD 59.97mm
  8. LM15123/245 – ID 31.75mm – OD 61.95mm
  9. LM29749/10 – ID 38.10mm – OD 65.088mm
  10. 48548/10 – ID 34.925mm – OD 65.08mm
  11. 14276/25A – ID 31.75mm – OD 69.01mm
  12. 16150R/2848 – ID 38.1mm – OD 72.23mm
  13. 501349/10 – ID 41.30mm – OD 73.43mm
  14. 2788/20 – ID38.10mm – OD 76.20mm
  15. 16150R/2848 – ID 38.1mm – OD 72.23mm
  16. LM25580/20 – ID 44.45 – OD 82.93mm
  17. HR30210J – ID 50mm – OD 89.96mm

Bearing Inspection

  1. When inspecting bearings, it is not difficult to identify bad bearings.
  2. Run a thumbnail over the surface of the roller bearing. It should be silky smooth with no bumps.
  3. If the bearing grease is discoloured, then both bearing need replacement. Discoloured means black or brown grease.
  4. Black grease contains carbon black from a worn casing.
  5. Brown grease contains moisture or water. (replace bearing immediately)

Bearing New Article

Further, Japanese bearings last far longer than Chinese, Indian or unmarked bearings.

All brands of NSK Japanese bearings are suitable for high-speed use.

Trouble Shooting Bearing Problems

Finally, do not overtighten bearings. Overtightening causes the cage of the bearing to rub against the bearing rollers. As a result, this rubbing creates heat and causes bearing degradation.

Untighten the axle nut sufficiently to free the bearing cage from the bearing rollers.

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Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality Single Trailer Bearings NSK and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

Customers are welcome to either pickup or take advantage of our low freight rates. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart.

We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.

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Single Bearing

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