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Dust Caps

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Holden, Ford, Parallel, 2t Al-ko, 2t Dexter and Simplicity Dust Caps

The dust cap is also know as a grease cap. The latter indicates grease is held in the cap. Whilst it is true, grease caps can be filled with excess grease, the more common term is dust cap.

Caps for caravans and trailers are a pressed metal fit or compressed fit as opposed to a machine fit (Bearing Buddy).

Pressed metal caps are slightly larger than the hub. The circumference is squeezed during insertion. The squeezing or compression of the circumference holds the cap into place.

Bearing failure causes the hub bearing surface to scour on the axle. As a result, the outer hub journal becomes oversized. damaged and discoloured.

Couplemate have chosen a galvanised grease cap to help stop the effects of corrosion that will occur over time. Galvanised grease caps are available for Ford, Holden, parallel and 2t bearing kits.