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Bearing Buddy

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  • Bearing Buddy australian

    Standard Australia Bearing Buddy – BP-48-DX

    BP-48-DX $27.20
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  • American Bearing Buddy

    Parallel and 2t Australia Bearing Buddy – BP-63-DX

    BP-63-DX $54.00
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  • American Bearing Buddy

    1.98-inch American Bearing Buddy – BP-1980

    BP-1980 $55.20
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  • 52mm Bearing Buddy

    52mm American Bearing Buddy – BP-52-DX

    BP-52-DX $55.20
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  • American 2t Bearing Buddy

    2.441-inch American Bearing Buddy – BP-2441-DX

    BP-2441-DX $72.00
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Bearing Buddy

Bearing Buddy to suit 1.98″ and 2.441″ bearing kits. Fits Dexter and Australian  Galvanised Marine hubs, Drums and Disc Rotors.

Replacement dust covers are available for American and 45.2mm to 63.5mm Australian models.

The easiest way to fill your bearing hub or disc rotor with grease is via the use of a grease gun. Always use high-quality grease to help prevent bearing failures.

Warning: Overfilling a hub will cause excess grease to be expelled via the rear bearing seal. As a result, the grease will splatter on the inside of your rim.

This expelled grease is impossible to clean from your wheel unless the grease is cleaned off immediately.

Note: Bearing Buddies are not recommended for electric drum brakes.