2t Cruisemaster 10-VT

2t Cruisemaster 10-VT

2t Cruisemaster 10-VT bearing kit suit 12″ Brake Drums and are available for purchase as a kit. Couplemate only uses NSK or Koyo bearings as they provide longer life than other bearings.

Bearings kits are particularly handy to keep in case of roadside emergencies.

10-VT Bearing Specifications

Genuine Cruisemaster Drums with pre-greased bearings are available here. For help purchasing the correct Cruisemaster or Vehicle Component drum, read our guide here.

Finally, AL-KO or Dexter backing plates fit the Cruisemaster Drum and can be viewed here. Cruisemaster parallel bearing sets are commonly available.

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  • Cruisemaster 2t Bearing Kit

    Cruisemaster 2t Bearing Kit