2.0t Dexter Bearing Kits – Seal 33970

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High-quality 2.0t Dexter bearing kit for caravans, campers, and trailers. Each kit includes one of:

  • 25580/20 inner bearing
  • 15123/245 outer bearing
  • 2.441″ (63mm) dust cap
  • Standard Dexter seal

Kits sold individually (per hub).

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Dexter Bearing Kit to Suit Trailers and Caravans.

Dexter-bearing kits suit American Dexter marine trailers and Caravans. Select from NSK long-haul Japanese bearings and 2t.

We carry good stocks of NSK bearings for immediate express dispatch.

These products included NSK Dexter Bearings Melbourne and other Dexter products and spare parts.

In recent years, Dexter purchased Al-ko International and then integrated MTCS into the Al-ko distribution network, 2t. Dexter bearings are difficult to identify because of several outer and seal variations. The inner bearing will be consistent (25580).

The bearing kit from NSK Japan includes front and back bearings, a seal and a pressed steel hub cover.

2t Dexter Bearing Kit (CM484USA2T-2.00)

  1. Bearing ID 44.45mm, OD 82.93mm – 25580/20
  2. Outer ID 31.75mm, OD 61.95mm – 15123/245
  3. Seal ID 52.4mm OD 85.7mm – 33970
  4. Marine Grease Cap DC250L

Additional Dexter Bearing Kits are located below

Bearings are rated as follows

  • 1450kg – 45mm Round or Square Axle (Ford or Slimline Bearings)
  • 1450kg – 50mm Round or Square Axle (Ford or Slimline Bearings)
  • 1600kg – 45mm Round or Square Axle (Parallel Bearings)
  • 1600kg – 50mm Round or Square Axle (Parallel Bearings)
  • 45mm Round or Square Axle (Dexter 1.6t Bearings)
  • 1600kg – 50mm Round or Square Axle (Dexter 1.8t Bearings)
  • 2250kg – 50mm Square or 60mm Round Axles (2.25t Bearings)

It fits the following hub, disc and drums.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Dexter Seal #


NSK Bearing #

15123/245, 25580/20

Grease Seal Type



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