3.0t Australian Bearing Kit – Seal 64607

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High-quality AU 3.0t bearing kit for caravans, campers, and trailers. Each kit includes one of:

  • 30210J inner bearing
  • 29749/10 outer bearing
  • 76mm grease/dust cap
  • Marine or standard (electric) seal

Kits sold individually (per hub).

1 in stock

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3t Japanese Bearing Kit suit 12-inch Al-ko Drums

3t Japanese bearing kit to suit Al-ko, including seals and dust cap. Japanese bearings are undoubtedly worth the extra cash compared to the heartache of failing Chinese bearings.

Key Features

3t Japanese Bearing Installation Instructions

  1. Check the seal fits perfectly onto the axle journal before proceeding further.
  2. Grease ID before installation onto the axle.
  3. Insert a steel ring into the hub and make sure it is hard against the outside boss of the hub.
  4. Insert rubber seal over the axle journal.
  5. Install hub and bearings over rubber seal.

The hub should be pushed hard onto the rubber seal, and the rubber seal should be hard against the axle shoulder.

The axle shoulder prevents the seal from sliding further down the axle.

Trailer parts links to similar bearings are here

3t Bearings fit these axle assemblies

Additional information

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