Cruisemaster VT Bearing Kit – Seal: GS-2250DL

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High-quality Cruisemaster VT bearing kit for caravans, campers, and trailers. Each kit includes one of:

  • LM68149/111 inner bearing
  • LM44649/10 outer bearing
  • 63.5mm dust cap
  • Standard (electric) seal

Kits sold individually (per hub).

23 in stock

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2.0t Cruisemaster VT Bearing Kit

Cruisemaster (or Vehicle Component) 2t Bearing Kit suits 12″ Brake Drums and is available as a kit. Couplemate™ only uses NSK or Koyo bearings as they provide longer life than others.

Bearings kits are convenient to keep in case of roadside emergencies.

10-VT: Contains 501349 and LM68149

CruiseMaster 2T Bearing Kit is a reliable and efficient accessory for those who enjoy long road trips. It is specially designed to provide minimal friction and ease of use to your vehicle while you’re on the go. The kit includes high-quality bearings, seals, and other essential components for smooth and hassle-free travel.

The CruiseMaster 2T Bearing Kit is essential for prolonged vehicle usage, ensuring the bearings are intact and adequately lubricated. The kit has undergone various tests and inspections to guarantee its effectiveness, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. It is perfect for those looking for a cost-effective option that does not compromise quality and performance.

One of the CruiseMaster 2T Bearing Kit’s notable features is its ability to withstand harsh environments. The kit can handle extreme temperatures and rough terrain without compromising its functionality. Its high load-bearing capacity means you can carry more weight on your vehicle without worrying about wear and tear, saving significant maintenance costs.

Overall, the CruiseMaster 2T Bearing Kit is an excellent investment for any road trip enthusiast who wants a smooth and comfortable journey. With this kit, you can be sure your vehicle will perform optimally and avoid costly repairs. It is a must-have accessory for those wanting to make the most of their journeys.

Bearing Specifications

  • LM68149
    • ID 35mm
    • OD 59.13mm
  • LM60748
    • ID 31.75mm
    • OD 59.13mm
  • 501349
    • ID 41.275mm
    • OD 73.43mm
  • 25580
    • ID 44.45mm
    • OD 82.93mm
  • Seals – 25580 – GS2250
  • Seals – 501349 – 31820

Please check your bearing numbers before ordering.

ALKO or Dexter backing plates fit the Cruisemaster Drum and can be viewed here. Cruisemaster parallel bearing sets are commonly available.

Cruisemaster 2t 10-VC Bearing Kit

Parallel Bearing Sizes

Finally, genuine Cruisemaster Drums with pre-greased bearings are available here. Read our guide for help purchasing the correct Cruisemaster or Vehicle Component drum.

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions15 × 8 × 8 cm
NSK Bearing #

68149/10, 501349

Grease Seal Type



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