Parallel Marine Bearing Kit – Seal: 491018

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High-quality parallel bearing kit for caravans, campers, and trailers. Each kit includes one of:

  • LM68149/10 inner bearing
  • LM68149/10 outer bearing
  • 63.5mm grease/dust cap
  • Marine or standard (electric) seal

Kits sold individually (per hub).

21 in stock

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Parallel Bearing Kits

Parallel Bearing Kits for high speed and highway usage have a maximum rating of 1600kg.

Key Features of the Ford Parallel Marine Bearing Kit

Parallel bearing kits to suit the following caravan manufacturers using solid beam axles

  • Jayco
  • Coromal
  • Avan
  • Kedron
  • Millard
  • Windsor

Parallel trailer bearings are an essential component of a trailer’s axle system, helping to ensure smooth and safe operation. These bearings are designed to allow the wheel hub to rotate smoothly around the axle, while also supporting the weight of the trailer and its cargo.

One of the key benefits of parallel trailer bearings is that they are relatively easy to maintain, with regular greasing and inspection helping to keep them in good working order. However, proper installation is important to ensure they function as intended.

When properly maintained, parallel trailer bearings can provide reliable and trouble-free performance for many years, making them a crucial part of any trailer owner’s toolkit.

What do I need to know about Marine Seals?

  • Marine seals are a tight fit on the axle journal
  • Some installers smear silicone on this journal to keep the rubber seal in the correct place.
  • Marine seals rotate inside the stainless metal retaining ring
  • Friction can create heat up to 100 degrees C
  • You must grease this seal around the outside ring of a marine seal, with a liberal amount of grease. Insert the seal onto the axle, not into the hub
  • A dry or greaseless marine seal causes excess heat.

Trailer bearings rated towing capacity as follows

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Grease Seal Type

Marine, Standard

NSK Bearing #



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