LM67048 x Holden Inner Japanese Wheel Bearing

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Tapered wheel bearings for Australian hubs and trailer axles.

Couplemate™️ only supplies high-quality and reliable Japanese bearings. For American-style bearings, see our range of Dexter Wheel Bearings.

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135 in stock

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LM67048 Japanese Wheel Bearing

The LM67048 Japanese wheel bearing is the inner bearing for the Holden slimline hub, disc, and drum assembly.

Most trailers, caravans, and campers in Australia use tapered roller bearings. These are usually made from high-carbon chromium steel (often called chrome steel) and have cylindrical rollers. Some bearings can include other materials like stainless steel, ceramics, or plastic.

Trailers and caravans can only be as strong as its weakest component. In our experience, this is almost always the wheel bearings.

Couplemate™️ only stocks Japanese bearings because they are reliable and well-made. Each bearing includes a cup and cone to suit a variety of Australian trailers and caravan axle hubs.

Common Australian Bearing Measurements

Inner Bearing # ID OD Outer Bearing # IDOD
Holden, LMLM67048/1031.75mm59.10mmLM11949/1019.05mm45.20mm
Ford, SL, SlimlineLM68149/1035.00mm59.10mmLM12749/1022.00mm45.20mm
Parallel, PLLLM68149/1035.00mm59.10mmLM68149/1035.00mm59.10mm
AL-KO 2T30210J50.00mm89.96mmLM15123/24531.75mm61.95mm
AL-KO 3T30210J50.00mm89.96mmLM29749/1038.10mm89.96mm

Video Guide: Learn how to measure trailer wheel bearings. 

When is the time to replace the bearings?

In our experience, there’s no set time to replace bearings. Instead, it’s better to ask:

  • What have you done so far?
  • Did you check before your last trip?
  • What are you doing next?

This is because of different operating environments.

  • Discoloured bearing grease.
  • Bumpy roller surface.

Finally, do not overtighten bearings. Overtightening causes the bearing cage to rub against the bearing rollers, creating heat and causing bearing degradation.

Loosen the axle nut sufficiently to free the bearing cage from the bearing rollers.

Relevant Resources

Example of where to find a bearing number on trailer or caravan bearings.

Where to find your bearing number? From our technical blog: Find Your Bearing Information.

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