25580/20 Replacement Dexter Inner Wheel Bearing

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Tapered wheel bearings for Dexter-style hubs and trailer axles.

Couplemate™️ only supplies high-quality and reliable Japanese bearings. See bearings that suit Australian axles and hubs here.

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8 in stock

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25580/20 Replacement Dexter Wheel Bearings

American trailers often use Dexter components. If your American trailer has 10″ or 12″ hub drums, disc rotors, or lazy hubs, you will very likely need Dexter bearings.

The best way to tell what bearing you have is by looking at the numbers engraved on the cup and cone. Example of where to find a bearing number on trailer or caravan bearings. Each bearing includes a cup and cone to suit a variety of American trailers and Dexter axle parts.

It is good practice to keep spare bearings in your recovery kit. Couplemate™️ only stocks Japanese bearings because they are reliable and well-made.

Tapered roller bearings are standard in the trailer industry. High-quality bearings, like NSK or Koyo, are usually made from high-carbon chromium steel (often called chrome steel).

Ensure you check your bearings before any long trip. If you see signs of wear, such as a bumpy surface or discoloured grease, it’s time to change your bearings.

DIY Bearing Change Tip: Take caution when tightening bearings. Overtightening causes the cage of the bearing to rub against the rollers, creating heat and degradation.

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