Imagine driving down the highway, listening to Jimmy Barnes on the radio when you notice your caravan feels a little different.

Upgrading your rig is not for everyone and certainly not for later model caravans on the roads today.

This fellow in America pulled into the nearest RV repairer with what seemed to be a good repair job or was it?

American yes however, some Australian dealers and repairs are performing the same ritual when replacing broken caravan springs.

Amazing, RV springs broke and the repairer put the same size spring back into the RV suspension.

This RV or caravan was 100’s of Kg overweight.

Have a look at the finished job and have a look a the spring camber. There is no room left for compression.

Springs must compress to perform correctly. Springs do not compress when at full load.

This poor bloke got all this work done and is still unaware. (4 min video). Following the video is the procedure Couplemate would follow when replacing caravan springs.

I have a few thoughts on what should be done by registered repairs. What do you think?

Leave a comment below and let’s see where consumer comment can achieve.

Published on 9 Apr 2017

TALOW, our 5th wheel was sagging after driving north on I-5 in central California, that portion of road is just horrible! We were literately draggin’ ass! Broken Leaf springs=bent frame=broken propane line!

Acknowledgements: Youtube

How should I upgrade a broken spring?

Your investment is looking pretty shabby right now and a clear path needs to be discovered.

Decisions from small upgrades to large upgrades need to be made at this point to protect your investment.

You would think I own a weighbridge I recommend them so often, but that should have been the first port of call.

Next port of call is the bearing limits.

  • Ford or Slimline 1450kg
  • Parallel  1600kg
  • Dexter 1800kg
  • 2000kg

If I were broken down with 1450kg bearings with a weighbridge certificate of 1650kg, I would be looking at 1800kg spring replacements.

Springs should be purchased to match the weighbridge certificate. So now I have selected springs that suit my weight.

Now I have to worry about matching my axle and bearing sizes to my weight load. I can do this when I get home.

The other option is to lighten my load and save my wallet because I am on a budget.

However, if you do have a budget to upgrade then call the experts at Couplemate. We can certainly help you through the options from replacement springs to DIY axle upgrades.

If you suspect your van is at its limits, haul it down to the weighbridge and get a certificate.

Then ring one of my staff or send us a message with a few photos and some ideas on what you want to achieve. or 0733483822

Broken overweight Caravan Springs replaced without Upgrade.

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