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Bluetooth Battery Monitor Check

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Bluetooth Battery Monitor Check

Bluetooth battery monitor checking is a relatively new technology. Five years ago, BMPRO offered the Australian RV market a world-first, patented, innovative wireless monitor, BatteryCheck. This enables the ability to monitor a  caravan battery via an app on the smartphone and an easy-to-install device fitted on the battery, for instance:

Check batteries for boats, caravans and solar cells quickly for charge and re-charge times. Andriod or Apple App is freely available for download. In addition, these apps access battery information stored ion Battery Check.

battery check

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Previously caravanners only knew the status of their battery by the rather crude method of measuring volts, which could be unreliable.

Similarly, volts change very quickly, leaving the caravanner with no sense of security in really understanding the capacity of their battery.

BatteryCheck enabled travellers to better understand the mystery inside the battery. It provides valuable information on its health and status.

RVers become more experienced and more comfortable understanding what their energy status was, ensuring that the beer was always cold, and food was not spoilt – hassle-free adventures!


Today, we are excited to announce two new BatteryCheck series models are available :

  • BatteryCheck100, a highly accurate monitor, handling current requirements under 100A, and
  • BatteryCheck-PRO, monitoring high currents up to 300A, and compatible both with lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) deep cycle batteries.

We recommend BatteryCheckPRO to monitor your battery if you are using a microwave, inverter, CPAP machine, hairdryer, coffee machine, or other energy-demanding equipment.

Furthermore, BatteryCheck100+PRO, has a modern look. In addition, it features an easy-to-read table and graphics. While also providing all the vital information on battery health at a glance.

Battery Parameters Monitored are:

  • Voltage and Temperature
  • Charge/Discharge Current
  • State of Charge (SoC)
  • State of Health (SoH)
  • Estimated Discharge Time Remaining

Additionally, simple DIY installation included with the new models, are easy to retrofit and enabling monitoring of multiple batteries in parallel. Furthermore, the latest Bluetooth technology warrants reliability and allows the use of the device wherever you travel.

BatteryCheck100 and BatteryCheckPRO are great for caravanners, 4WD enthusiasts, and anyone with a secondary battery. Under-bonnet use or cranking applications is not permitted.


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