Premium Smart Connect

Premium Smart Connect

Premium Smart Connect is a trio of Bluetooth sensors that provide LPG, Tyre and Temperature data to a smartphone via a Control Node or Smart Node.

Please ensure your RV is equipped with BMPRO ControlNode103 or OdysseyLink103 to be available for the SmartConnect app.

Premium Smart Bluetooth Sensors

  1. 2 x SmartTemp – measures temperature in a range of locations throughout the van
  2. 2 x SmartSense – provides an accurate reading of the remaining LPG Propane Gas level in the bottle
  3. 4 x SmartPressure – maintains accurate recordings of tyre pressure and internal temperature
  4. DIY installation in minutes
  5. Measure temperature, tyre pressure, LPG gas bottle level
  6. All sensors include compatible with BMPRO Smart RV systems JHubOdyssey, JAYCOMMAND, RVMaster

Note: Smart Temp and Smart Pressure do not connect directly to mobile phone devices.

The smartphone app is complimentary and downloaded from your app store.

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