American Boat Trailer Parts

American boat trailer parts and accessories are becoming popular as more American boats are imported into Australia.

Kodiak and Deemaxx Calipers, caliper disc pads and rotors are technically the same, in many cases, Ask our experts if you are brand swapping.

Reliable brands of Actuators that continue to perform well are Hydrastar and Alko Electric / Hydraulic actuators.

Finally, gone are the old days of steel or copper tubing run down the chassis rails to transfer brake fluid to the brake calipers. Further, the latest brake lines are PVC coated or stainless braided hose.

Purchase wobble rollers and trailer lights

How Brakes Work

American boat trailer parts are popular in Australia due to the stream of imported boats crossing the Pacific. So how do brakes work on these boats and are they different to Australian boat brakes?

USA rotors are thicker, calipers are stronger and the minimum bearing capacity is 1.6t. American hydraulic trailer accessories are superior to their Australian equivalents and generally cost more to replace.

American Spare Parts

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