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  • Marine Seal 2.125

    Marine Seal 2.125″ x 3.375″ x 8mm for USA 6 Stud

    $14.25 inc GST
  • Stainless Steel Disc Pad suit DeeMaxx and Kodiak Caliper x 4

    $147.28 inc GST
  • Disc Pads suit DeeMaxx Caliper

    Disc Pads suit DeeMaxx and Kodiak Caliper

    $77.04 inc GST
  • DeeMaxx Coated American 10 inch Disc

    DeeMaxx American Disc Caliper -10″ or 12″

    $134.81 inc GST
  • Stainless American 10 inch Disc Calipers

    10″ or 12″ Stainless American Disc Calipers

    $390.33 inc GST
  • DeeMaxx Coated American 12 inch Disc

    DeeMaxx American 13″ Disc Calipers

    $162.96 inc GST
  • Stainless American 12 inch Disc Caliper

    Stainless American 13″ Disc Caliper

    $263.80 inc GST
  • Dexter Bearing Kits

    Dexter Caravan Bearing Kits – Japanese

    $24.55$66.52 inc GST
  • American 1.59t Lazy Hub

    American 1.59t Lazy Hub (3500lbs)

    $100.42 inc GST
  • American 10 inch Disc Rotor

    American 10 inch Disc Rotor suit 1.59t

    $159.54 inc GST
  • American 12 inch Disc Rotor suit 2t

    American 12 inch Disc Rotor suit 2t 6 Stud Landcruiser

    $197.08 inc GST
  • Top Hat Disc Rotor Maxx Coated

    Top Hat Disc Rotor Maxx Coated

    $86.81$121.82 inc GST
  • Stainless Top Hat Disc Rotor

    Stainless Top Hat Disc Trailer Rotor

    $340.10$516.18 inc GST
  • DeeMaxx Caliper Mounts

    DeeMaxx Caliper Mounts

    $46.57$64.69 inc GST

American boat trailer parts are becoming more popular as more American boats are imported. There are a few secrets you need know. Kodiac and DeeMax equipment are identical.

Kodiak and Deemaxx Calipers, caliper disc pads and rotors are technically the same except in name.

Hydrastar and Alko Electric / Hydraulic actuators are great reliable brands that continue to perform well.

Finally, gone are the old days of steel or copper tubing run down the chassis rails to transfer brake fluid to the brake calipers. Further, the latest brake lines are PVC coated or stainless braided tube.

How Brakes Work

American boat trailer parts are being popular in Australia due to the stream of imported boats crossing the pacific. So how do these brakes on these boat work and are they different to Australian brakes.

The driver presses on the pedal and the trailer stops. But there’s quite a bit going on, and understanding it more fully can really help you get the most out of your brake system.

Here’s what’s going on:

The driver presses on the brake pedal, the surge of you stopping actuates the piston in the master cylinder (MC). If you have electric/hydraulic actuator the electric signal ramps up the motor and builds pressure.  The piston in the master cylinder displaces the hydraulic fluid in the brake lines. Because the system is sealed, the displacement (movement) of the hydraulic fluid moves the piston(s) in the brake calipers.  The moving calipers bring the brake pads into contact with the rotor. At this point, because there is no more movement possible in the system, pressure begins to build, and the pads are pressed harder and harder against the rotor, creating friction, and stopping the trailer.

In summary, in order to stop the trailer, the brakes must have three properties. They must:

  1. Be able to apply a force to the rotor to decelerate the wheel’s rotation so that friction is increased between tires and road and the trailer slows/stops: this ability is described as the brake system’s BRAKE TORQUE.
  2. Be able to create enough friction between the pad and rotors to convert the trailer’s kinetic energy to heat; this is called CLAMPING FORCE; and be large and heavy enough (the rotors) to absorb that heat without damage; this is called THERMAL CAPACITY.

American boat trailer parts

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