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Bearing Kits Marine

Bearing Kits Marine – incl bearings, seal and dust cap

Marine Bearing kits offer a marine seal as opposed to a standard seal.

What is the difference between marine and a standard seal?

  • A highway seal is affixed to the inside of the hub and spins with the hub.
  • Whereas, a marine seal is affixed to the axle and does not spin.

In addition, a marine bearing seal utilises a stainless steel outer ring to enable the rubber seal to spin.

It is wise to apply grease to the lips of this seal to eliminate heat. Further, heat is caused by friction between the steel ring and the rubber seal.

The rubber seal is locked into the stainless ring via pressure from the rear shoulder of the axle. Consequently, the shoulder presses the seal against the outer ring. (refer to the video image below)

Marine seals fit axles with marine turns and are not suitable for use on electric axles. If used on electric axles, as a result, bearing failure is assured.

Seal distance from the tip of the thread to the rear of the profile.

  • Marine – 115mm
  • Electric – 129mm
  • Electric Parallel – 140mm

Finally, installing a marine seal on an electric axle will cause seal and bearing failure.

Marine bearing kits are used in galvanised disc braked hubs.