Caliper Mechanical Brake Parts

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  • Al-ko mechanical disc caliper

    Al-ko Mechanical Disc Caliper – Forward or Center

    Rated 1.00 out of 5
    $63.95$88.05 inc GST
  • Alko Mechanical Caliper Disc Pad

    Alko Mechanical Caliper Disc Pad

    $15.51 inc GST
  • Mechanical caliper disc pad

    Mechanical Disc Pads

    $33.46 inc GST
  • Caliper Bolt Brake Adjuster

    Caliper Bolt Brake Adjuster

    $4.00 inc GST
  • Alko caliper bush

    Alko Caliper Bush

    $4.36 inc GST
  • Alko Caliper Spring

    $6.75 inc GST
  • Stainless Caliper Spring

    Stainless Caliper Spring

    $5.70 inc GST
  • Caliper Bolt

    Caliper Bolt

    $2.25 inc GST
  • American Brass Nut Angle Adaptor

    American Brass Nut Angle Adaptor

    $8.74 inc GST
  • Brass Nut Angle Adaptor

    Brass Nut Angle Adaptor 3/8″

    $15.72 inc GST
  • adaptor nut brass

    Brass Nut Adaptor Caliper

    $12.39 inc GST
  • short tube nut

    Short Tube Nut 3/8 Inch

    $4.00 inc GST
  • Long tube nut

    Long Tube Nut 3/8 Inch

    $4.00 inc GST
  • Sale!
    Four Way Hydraulic Block

    Four Way Brass Hydraulic Block

    $47.21 $43.25 inc GST
  • Three way tee block

    Three Way Tee Block

    $9.70 inc GST
  • Electric Brake Cable Kit

    Electric & Disc Brake Al-ko Cable Kit

    $32.25 inc GST
  • Brake Cable Adjuster suit Electric or Disc Brakes

    Brake Cable Adjuster

    $6.42 inc GST
  • caliper pulley

    Caliper Pulley

    $4.00 inc GST

Caliper Brake Parts

Caliper brake parts at Couplemate include every conceivable caliper-based disk brake spare part you’ll need.

If you want to spend some time in the outback, the best way to do so is by driving across it with a caravan or marine trailer in tow. All you need is a 4-wheel drive, a camper trailer, food, maybe even a grill to throw some meat on the barbie at night, and you’re good to go.

You’ll have to face the rugged Aussie terrain, though. Dry, endless, and full of craggy, red-orange dirt trails and kangaroos. Apart from the sun and the critters, you won’t have a lot of company out in the GAFA.

Consequently, if you plan to drive here, make sure you equip your vehicle and your trailer to handle the terrain.

Why You’ll Need Spares In The GAFA

Even with well-maintained 4-wheel drives, the Aussie terrain is such that you can still experience a breakdown right in the middle of the outback. Your vehicle and caravan trailer parts—no matter how good they—may get damaged in the tough conditions imposed by the land.

Brakes, actuators, and dropdown legs are all susceptible to breaking down and stalling your journey.

Caliper Brake Parts At Couplemate

Our caliper brake parts are designed to suit both mechanical as well as hydraulic disc brakes. We also make caliper brake parts exclusively for Al-ko and Trojan brands, including our exclusive 316 stainless pistons.

Maybe you service your brake calipers—whether they are mechanical or hydraulic. However, unless you do this regularly, they often perform poorly. Our job is to get them performing like new—this is not as hard as you think.

Firstly, understand that your slides are stainless, and do not need grease. Furthermore, if you grease them, this only attracts dirt. Next, pull those pistons out of their housing, and replace them new seals with stainless pistons. Get yourself a G-Clamp for pushing those pistons back when installing new pads.

Use copper washers on all hydraulic connections. This helps you stop hydraulic leaks and air pockets that need bleeding.

Caliper brake parts for mechanical and hydraulic disk brakes can be quite difficult to find. Couplemate only stocks AL-ko and Trojan brands. We can usually express post them to you within 24 hours.

At Couplemate, we deliver spare caliper brake parts, and spare trailer parts to wherever you are. If we don’t have a particular caravan trailer part, we’ll get it just for you. We can even have it delivered within 48 hours.

Couplemate sells quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.

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