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Disc Brake Rotor

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Mechanical Disk Brake Rotor

A disc brake rotor is an essential component of mechanical and hydraulic boat trailers and tandem trailers under 2000kg.

Disc brake rotor ratings are

  • 1450kg Beehive Rotor – HT
  • 1450kg Rotor – Slimline
  • 1600kg Rotor – parallel
  • 2250kg Rotor – 2t

The Need For Trailer Spares

Any seasoned off-road driver will tell you that, apart from your suspension and shock absorbers, the one thing that largely determines how well your vehicle handles is the brakes. Without a good set of brakes, it’s almost impossible to drive across off-road terrain, no matter which 4-wheel drive you own.

The Disk Brake Rotor — A Crucial Element

People with a broken down disk brake rotor in the middle of nowhere subsequently have to deal with being stranded for days. But not anymore. If this happens to you, just call Couplemate, and we’ll deliver spare trailer parts to you wherever you are. Sometimes we may not have a spare disk brake rotor in stock, but we’ll figure out a way to get it delivered to you anyway within 48 hours.

Some Handy Info On The Disk Brake Rotor

Disc brake rotor is used on mechanical and hydraulic boat trailers and tandem trailers under 2000kg. HT Holden and 6-Stud Landcruiser wheels are particularly popular.

OK, a few golden rules. Landcruiser tyres on 14-inch rims do not suit hydraulic calipers. You will need at least 15-inch. You can use mechanical calipers on wheels down to 9-inch models, if required.

The most common problem we have with disc rotors are as follows.

  • A lack of maintenance, and sticky slides and pistons. When you put your boat away for winter, pull your calipers off your rotors and clean them properly. Unlike us blokes, they do not like sitting for long periods without a wash.
  • Chinese or Indian bearings causing heat in your disc brake rotor. Always use Japanese bearings, they help you make some great savings in the long run.
  • Locking pistons in hydraulic brakes. Replace these with stainless pistons.
  • Poorly adjusted mechanical brakes. The screw on the rear of your caliper is your brake adjuster.
  • Water in the bearings. Let your disc brake rotor cool before you dunk it into the water. Marine seals won’t prevent water ingress if you rapidly depressurise your hot hub.

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