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Dust Caps

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Dust Caps | Galvanised | Chrome | Slimline | Parallel | 2t

Dust caps also known as grease caps are available in a variety of sizes depending on your bearing sizes.

Caps are a compression fit. This means the diameter of the insert of the dust cap is larger than the hub hole size.

When a cap is inserted, it compresses and locks into the hub.

A bearing buddy is a machine fit. This means the bearing buddy is smaller than the hub ID and has no give when inserted into the hub cavity.

If your hub is 0.002 oversize then it is wise to use Locktite on your bearing buddy before insertion.

This Locktite is not required on all compression fit grease cap.

Hubs made by quality manufacturers like Alko and Couplemate will be a perfect fit for any bearing buddy.

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