Axle Disc Braked Marine Kits

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Marine Braked Axle Kits are required when upgrading a boat trailer that weighs over 750kg.

you’ll need braked marine axle kits. You can find these—and any other trailer or caravan spare parts you need—at Couplemate.

This includes 45mm round mechanical disc brake override axle kits and 45mm square marine override disc brake axle kits. You can also shop for round hydraulic disc brake axle kits, or stainless Landcruiser 2t-50mm square hydraulic disc brake Dexter axle kits at Couplemate.

Safety Is Key

Underweight marine braked axle kits are a real problem for boat trailers. If you’ve ever noticed an axle vibrating as the trailer speeds down the highway, you’ll need to consider an upgrade.

A vibrating axle means that you’re experiencing something called vibration fatigue. No, vibration fatigue isn’t restricted to aircraft investigations.

The same fatigue causes springs to age prematurely, shackle bolts and shackle plates to fail, and even nuts and bolts inside your engine to come loose.

Vibrations occur when your boat trailer axle is either too wide or overloaded. In either case, you’ll need to pick a larger axle as a replacement.

Axles for boat trailers are usually galvanised so you don’t end up with a rusty axle, but you can save a few dollars using a coat of primer instead. Either way, you’ll need galvanised rotors and calipers on all boat trailers up to 4500kg. With such trailers, you’ll be using hydraulic brakes with electric hydraulic controllers.

Just select the marine braked axle kits you need to repair your boat trailer axle, we’ll deliver it to you wherever you are down under.

Finally, Couplemate sells only sells the best quality marine braked axle kits throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.

Marine Braked Axle Kits

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