Wobble Boat Rollers

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Wobble Boat Rollers

If you’ve ever used a boat trailer, you probably know already what wobble boat rollers are.

Is it challenging to push your boat off your trailer? Would you like to launch your craft with the touch of a finger?

Boat trailer rollers support a boat when it’s on a trailer, and provide some resistance so that it doesn’t slip off. The placement of wobble rollers is critical as they help position the boat precisely at the centre.

Ideally, boat trailers have a combination of keel rollers and heavy-duty wobble rollers.

Wobble rollers are suitable for fibreglass and aluminium boats. They are made from high quality,  wearing non-marking resins, polyurethane rollers installed onto a roller assembly attached to the trailer frame.

How to Install Wobble Rollers

Is the boat hard to launch then try this?

Launch your boat off the trailer, lift one side of your roller bracket only 5mm and feel the difference when next launching.

TIP: remove one of your wobble rollers and check the inside diameter. Is it being chewed out and has it discoloured? If so, they need replacing.

Wobble rollers do not last forever.

The tell-tale sign of wear is the boat being harder and harder to launch. We recommend using high-density polyethylene on aluminium boat trailers.

Besides ensuring quality, you should also make sure that your wobble rollers are UV resistant. You can find UV resistant wobble rollers at Couplemate—your go-to option for all your boat and caravan spare parts issues.

Heavy Duty Wobble Roller

These are larger wobble rollers made from virgin resins. Avoid using boat rollers made from a combination of recycled materials.

Wobble Boat Rollers At Couplemate

We store the best quality boat wobble rollers, and they’ll be delivered to you whenever and wherever you need them. Whether you damage your rollers along the west coast or while exploring the north, we are a phone call away.

At Couplemate, we sell some of the best boat wobble rollers in Australia like

  • Red Smooth Polyurethane Wobble Roller,
  • Red Ribbed Polyurethane Wobble Roller,
  • Grey Ribbed Polyurethane Wobble Roller
  • Red Ribbed Polyurethane 3 x 4 wobble Roller

These wobble rollers are available in a variety of sizes and measurements.

Just log on to our website and select the ones you need for your boat trailer.

What You’ll Need To Know About Boat Wobble Rollers

These products tend to vary substantially on price. We only sell the best quality wobble rollers, which contain UV-protective resins to help prevent sun damage.

Ultraviolet light can turn coloured rollers to mush right before your eyes; this is why grey wobble rollers are so popular.

Wobble rollers are available in 4 primary colours. Colours can vary according to whether you have an aluminium or fibreglass hull. However, wobble roller construction remains the same. Generally speaking, we use the same material in Red Soft Poly, Blue, Grey and Black wobble rollers.

You can make Black rollers from rubber, but now manufacturers make these black rubber rollers using polyethene. Some also use polyurethane—which is a softer compound—to make their wobble rollers. You’d make hard compound wobble rollers from recycled bottle plastic, with added colouring. Some nasty things come at a low price so that you know.

People ask us for aluminium wobble rollers quite frequently; these aren’t usually made stronger for aluminium boats because there is no keel to turn your rollers too much.

Sorry, we do not sell an extensive range of boat rollers, bow rollers or soft poly rollers nor do we sell bracketry associated with boat rollers.

Couplemate only sells the best quality boat accessories and marine spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.