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Electric/Hydraulic Brake Actuators

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  • 7/8 replacement Cylinder Cap

    Replacement Hydraulic Cylinder Cap

    $5.00 - $30.75
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  • Hydrastar Gasket

    Hydrastar Replacement Gasket – 68-8689

    68-8689 $25.00
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  • hydrastar circuit board

    Hydrastar Circuit Board – 496-200

    496-200 $345.00
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  • 1200 psi Hydrastar Brake Actuator Generation 7 suits boat trailers under 3.2t. Trailer over 2t also require a breakaway kit.

    1200psi Hydrastar Hydraulic Electric Brake Actuator – 34910

    34910 $1,425.00
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  • AL-KO IQ7 Electric onboard compressor.
    Component Type Approval

    AL-KO iQ7 Brake Actuator – 355002E

    355002E $1,425.00
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  • 1200 psi Hydrastar Brake Actuator Generation 7 suits boat trailers under 3.2t. Trailer over 2t also require a breakaway kit.

    1600psi Hydrastar Hydraulic Electric Brake Actuator – 34928

    34928 $1,425.00
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Hydrastar and Al-ko IQ& Brake Actuators
The Hydrastar 1200psi (HBA12) is suitable for 2.5t boat trailers. Alternatively, the Hydrastar 1600psi (HBA16) suits heavier tandem trailers up to 4.5t.
How do I select the proper electric actuator?

Al-ko IQ7 up to 3t tandem trailers (1000 psi) – 355002E
Hydrastar up to 3.2t trailers (1200 psi) – 34910
Hydrastar up to 4.5t trailers (1600 psi) – 34928

The Alko boat trailer brake actuator ensures the trailer’s brakes operate simultaneously with the brakes on your tow vehicle. As a result, they are preventing the dangerous ‘jack-knifing’ skid effect.

The latest Al-ko model has the advantage of a built-in park brake function and the latest hydraulic electric actuator technology.

The internal compressor activates the brakes when parked. The park feature is automatic. If you’re leaving your boat trailer unattended for long periods, it is still wiser to chock all wheels.

Why do you need a Hydrastar brake actuator?

The critical component of your trailer braking system is the brake actuator, an electronically-controlled device that forces hydraulic oil into the brakes to slow down the trailer along with the vehicle and avoid tailgating and trailer slippage.

The electrically-driven Hydraulic brakes market has two leading manufacturers. Hydrastar and Al-ko.

If you have a boat trailer, installing an excellent electronic brake actuator is essential. These devices save your caravan, car, and boat, all the things that cost a lot of money.
Hydrastar Boat Trailer Brake Actuator — Some Further Info
You’ll need to install a manual park brake and a breakaway kit if you use the Hydrastar electric actuator.

You can now use the most popular brake controllers on the IQ7. In the past, you’d have had to purchase a brake controller mounted on your foot pedal. I always thought it was a bad idea, as did Al-ko—they’ve changed how IQ7 works.

Currently, Al-ko offers excellent pricing on the IQ7 actuator. You will not find a better time to buy advanced brake equipment from Al-ko.