3/8 UNF Long Tube Nut

3/8″ UNF Long Tube Nut

3/8″ UNF Long Tube Nut to connect 3/16″ hydraulic Bundy tube used to connect Alko or Trojan hydraulic brake calipers.

Hydraulic brakes used on boat trailers use 3/16″ unf bundy tube. The actual thread size is 3/8″

Copper washers are a handy item to connect different material together. For example, when connecting a brass adaptor to a stainless caliper, use a copper washer.

Dissimilar metals can leak when not perfectly connected.

Couplemate recommends thread sealer on all joiners. Although the convention says thread tape is not require when connecting brass parts, we prefer to be sure of a good connection.

3/8″ UNF Long Tube Nut to suit 3/16″ Hydraulic Tube

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